Master and pupils

Poznań, Zamek Culture Center, 17 V 2018


The very first concert of T-f-M Ensemble, which highlighted generational aspects of Lidia Zielińska's composition class and idea of master-pupil relation. The essential role of concert narration was educational aspect and helping the audience to understand ideas and secrets of composition craft with excerpts from the pieces. Concert was recorded by Wojciech Kaszuba and released on CD by Music Academy in Poznań Publishing House.


Lidia Zielińska   X3

Dominik Puk   Stultifera navis

Michał Janocha   The blue oranges

Katarzyna Taborowska   Scratch


Student concert during 48. International Poznań Music Spring Contemporary Music Festival

Poznań, Academy of Music, 29 III 2019



Dominik Puk  …spojrzeniem umysłu z dziwną szybkością III


photo: Agata Ożarowska


photo: Anna Zielińska


photo: Marcin Zaborowski


Concert of Electroacoustic Music Studio at the Music Academy in Poznań

Poznań, Academy of Music, Aula Nova, 21 XI 2019, 19.00

New music performance workshop

Poznań, Academy of Music, 4 XII 2019, 17:00

Concert for celebration of 100 years of I. J. Paderewski Music Academy in Poznań. Electroacoustic Music Studio, conducted by prof. Lidia Zielińska, prepared a various programme of electroacoustic compositions by members of the Studio. Aside from the concert of Trans-for-Matha Ensemble, λ-ensemble (Poznań Laptop Orchestra) performed its repertoire.

Workshops for instrumentalists and composers of instrumental and electroacoustic music. Main guest of this edition was Maciej Chyży. Workshops organised in collaboration with SMEAMuz Poznań i Piu mosso Foundation.

Members of workshop had a chance to improve their skills under the watchful eye of Michał Janocha and Bartek Miler.

In the end of workshops, participants performed multimedial spectacle I hear you watching for singer-actor, ensemble, surround live electronics and video by Michał Janocha. Project commissioned by Philharmonic in Szczecin for the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2019. Spectacle was performed by:
Damian Żebrowski - tenor/actor, Jan Skorupa - live electronics, Michał Janocha - conductor.


During 48. International Poznań Music Spring Contemporary Music Festival, Kinga Sobecka premiered, dedicated to her, piece for violin and tape by Dominik Puk.


New music performance workshop during MDF Festival 2019

Philharmonic in Szczecin, 11-14 IX 2019


Michał Janocha  I hear you watching



Lidia Zielińska   Nonody is perfect

Michał Janocha   Koncert

Katarzyna Taborowska   Inner Galaxy beach



Maciej Chyży - bass trombone

Michał Janocha


photo: Michał Marciniak


photo: Julia Polowczyk


Sax Event

Poznań, Academy of Music, 14 XII 2019, 19:00

Michał Janocha    Nu


During annual international Poznań meeting of saxophone players - Sax Event 2019, Mateusz Wrzosek performed, dedicated to him, piece for alto saxophone and live electronics - Nu by Michał Janocha


Internet, 13 IV 2020, 20:00

Bogusław Schaeffer    Media


During one of monthly concerts in Solvay Center for Contemporary Art Trans-for-Matha Ensemble performed online version of graphic score Media by Bogusław Schaeffer.

Earth Day Art Model 2020

Internet, 22 IV 2020


Lidia Zielińska    Nobody is perfect
Michał Janocha    Koncert

Katarzyna Taborowska    Inner Galaxy Beach

Bogusław Schaeffer    Media


During the international telematic festival Earth Day Model 2020 organised by IUPUI (Indiana Universtiy) public had a chance to listen to four compositions performed and recorded by us. Website of the festival: earthdayartmodel.org

IX Neofonia 2020

Poznań (streaming online), 18 XII 2020, 18:00


pieces of composition students of polish mucis academies


Chamber concert at IX Polish Student-Doktoral Conference Neofonia.



Stanisław Aleksandrowicz

Kamil Gędziarski

Martyna Słojewska
Kinga Sobecka

Bogusz Tworek

Trans-for-Matha Ensemble

Intermedial Contemporary Music Ensemble


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